Admission Rules

Health requirements in accordance with the rules of the International Feline Federation Exhibition Regulations - FIFe.

All cats must be vaccinated against the:

  • Rabies (for all cats coming from abroad, older than 5 months).

Pregnant or lactating cats and cats under 4 months of age will not be admitted to the show site.

All cats should be clean, flea-free and in good physical condition.

The Show Veterinarian has the authority to prevent access to the show grounds of cats that do not meet the Health Standards.

The Judges have the authority to disqualify Cats that do not respect the Health Rules after confirmation by the show veterinarian.

By determination of the 15th sub-paragraph a) of the FIFE Show Rules all white cats must be accompanied, together with the vaccination booklet, by a Veterinarian Declaration proving that the specimen in question does not suffer from deafness.