Informative report

The dispatch of his excellency the secretary of state of agriculture in proposal nº 53/dspma of 85.07.05, attributed to the portuguese feliniculture club the capacity to instruct the genealogical book of the different races of cats.

Ofício nº 244/dspmp - october 1994 - it is not possible to have two entities for the management of the same origin books, having been recognized to the Portuguese feline club this management.

Cats suffering from a congenital anomaly should not be used for breeding.
All white cats need a veterinary certificate of non-deafness.

Males - Before being used as a breeder, a male cat must have a veterinary certificate confirming that both testicles are normal and descended in the scrotum.

Females - must not have more than three litters in 24 months. It is forbidden to use for breeding females less than one year old and more than ten years old. The minimum age for breeding is one year old.

All cats must be identified by microchip.

The breeder must be a member of the CPF its registered specimens and hold an affix.


Portuguese Feline Club