The Clube Português de Felinicultura, founded in 1985, is the founder and holder of the “PORTUGUESE ORIGINS BOOK” and its main objective, and in accordance with its statutes, is the protection of feline breeds, especially the different breeds of cats

By joining FIFe – Feline International Federation, the C.P.F. it has secured international recognition, which enables it to exchange contacts that are quite healthy, not only for the conviviality it provides, but also, and mainly, for the exchange of experiences and enrichment of knowledge.

Its objective is to guide and establish rules for the improvement of the breading of “cats”, promoting the refinement of the different breeds, disclosing them, whether morphological or temperamental.

The CPF organizes cat shows from north to south of Portugal, thus promoting the interest in “feline culture” and making new breeds known to the general public. The strong participation of exhibitors belonging to clubs from other countries has allowed the introduction in our country and the dissemination to the general public of breeds that do not yet exist or have been known in Portugal.

Being, it is true, a Club still young, the Clube Português de Felinicultura has long earned the trust of the International Feline Federation.

It was like that, with the organization of the FIFe General Assembly in 1991, as it was with the 6th World Cat Show that took place in the city of Lisbon, in April 1995. In 2008 the CPF once again organized the World Cat Show and in 2018 the third Mediterranean Winner Show.
Despite all the youth of this Club, its success will depend on joining the associative movement, which is expected to continue, by all, to be increasingly dynamic and active.
All members, friends and supporters of this Club who, in any case, like the “cats”, will have to be more and more active, as this is the only way to help “feline culture” in Portugal.